What is the Lighthouse of Knowledge for you? Interview with Alumni Ambassadors

Jul 31, 2021

The lighthouse of knowledge is now a traditional competition of young people from different cities in Serbia, which is being realized for the fifth year in a row this year. Over the generations, over 200 young people have gone through this program, and this year we have chosen three participants who will be ambassadors of the project and represent the Lighthouse of Knowledge in the best possible light.

Our Alumni ambassadors, three girls participated in the Lighthouse of Knowledge in previous generations, namely Delila Badić from Novi Pazar, Nevena Mitrašinović from Šabac and Anja Borošak from Pirot.

How the Alumni Ambassadors are here to present the Lighthouse of Knowledge and give support to new participants. We asked them a few questions to better share their experiences.

What is the Lighthouse of Knowledge for you?

Delila – “For me, the Lighthouse of Knowledge is a very important project that helped me overcome the fear of public speaking, and then to say out loud what I think, express my opinion and propose and implement an idea that will help my local community. In addition, it is a project in which we get the opportunity to meet many peers from different parts of the country and make friends for life. “

Why is it important to support young people to be active in the community?

Nevena – “Absolutely everything remains for the young. If something bothers us, in a narrower or wider circle, if that obstacle was produced by people (and they are, because we have so much power over ourselves and others) it is logical to start from a young age, from developing awareness and empathy, rationality, courage and honesty. When we are immature and aware of that, we need support to develop into future leaders and people who will make communities better and more beautiful for life. Young people are too underestimated, and we have a lot to say. “

What would you recommend to future participants?

Anya – “Be creative and your own.”

Delila – “I would recommend everyone to try, apply and present their ideas, because in addition to the possibility of their realization, they will gain a lot of new friends and a wonderful experience.”

What sets the Lighthouse of Knowledge apart from other youth programs?

Nevena – “The lighthouse of knowledge has that youthful stamp, the balance of fun and knowledge, relaxation and formality. It shows that there is no stupid idea, only a bad interpretation, and that is what is learned here. People who come together here are hard to separate.”

Do you want to be part of the fifth generation of the Lighthouse of Knowledge ? The competition for participants is open until August 5 (23:59) while you can find the form by clicking here. Young people enrolling in the third or fourth grade of high school in one of the above cities can apply – Belgrade, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Vrsac, Sremska Mitrovica, Novi Pazar, Cacak, Sabac, Valjevo, Uzice, Krusevac, Pirot, Zajecar, Leskovac and Vranje. .