Lighthouse of knowledge

“Lighthouse of Knowledge” is a project implemented by the Association for the Affirmation of Culture – KAS ( and which encourages high school students to master the basics of writing projects and presenting them through creative and instructive multi-month work.

The “Lighthouse of Knowledge” project is a competition of 60 high school students from 15 local communities divided into teams. Each team consists of four third- and fourth-year high school students. With the expert guidance of mentors and coordinators from the youth organization, the teams will work on devising an idea that will improve life in their environment. The topics on which the projects will be designed are: tourism, public health, ecology, social activism and culture and art. 15 cities from the Republic of Serbia are participating in the project.

first phase


60 high school students are participating in a three-day seminar where they have the opportunity to get acquainted with the concept of the project, as well as their peers and the obligations that follow them after the first event.

The purpose of the seminar is to introduce them to the basic concepts of project writing, marketing, finance and activism in general.

The seminar consists of lectures, workshops, conversations with mentors, as well as work on mini projects.

Second phase

Work on ideas

After returning home, the participants continue with intensive work.

Once a week, webinars are held on various topics that will help them improve their ideas, as well as in public appearances.

Webinars are run by experts, and the very purpose of the webinar is to chronologically monitor the project work process.

Each webinar is accompanied by a mini-task in the form of a survey where their knowledge in certain areas is tested.

Each team has three progress checks with the organization that check their work on the project and we help them to shape the project as well as possible.

The third phase

Closing event

At the final event, the teams present the designed projects before an expert jury, composed of representatives of companies in Serbia with a strong tradition of social responsibility.

The expert jury, as well as the audience, choose the winners, and the companies have the opportunity to decide and support the team of their choice, after the end of the competition, and help them realize the project.

Fourth phase

Public presentations

The first six teams will have the opportunity to organize, with our help and funding, events in their cities.

They will present their ideas and seek support from local self-government, local economy, civil society and youth in order to realize their ideas.

Lighthouse of Knowledge 4.0

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